a sexual act that occurs when a man is banging a girl from behind and as he is about to blow his load he spits on her back, she turns around and the actual jizz is shot in her eye. she thought the spit was the jizz making it quite the magic trick.
I just pulled the harry houdini on that trick.
by Welldo January 9, 2009
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A sexual act where a guy is having sex with a girl doggie-style and is about ready to blow his load. He spits on the girl's back so that she'll think he's done. She turns around, never suspecting that the guy has his loaded piece ready to go. The guy then spunks right in the girl's eyes and he disappears quicker than Harry Houdini.
Man, I was screwing this chick last night, but I didn't want to get tied up in post-sex conversation. I utilized the infamous "Harry Houdidi" and got the heck out of there.
by Big Flexy September 13, 2003
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During doggy style, the male pretends to ejaculate by spitting onto the girls back, so she turns around thinking the sex is done, and gets an unexpected load in the face. Also known as the Philly Fake-out
Yea, Samantha was being a bitch last night during sex, so I gave her the Harry Houdini
by Kiwi Pomerleau March 7, 2005
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Only able to done in doggystyle, the person from behind fakes blowing his load with the usual sounds and movements that exhibit climax. Then the unexpecting party in front, believing the act is done, turns around to find the person behind about to bust a nut("AGAIN?!"). The suprise of this "2nd load" will leave the onlooker puzzled, nearly as much as houdini left his audiences!
Jenny, turning around after Forrest supposedly came, only to find him spurting on her tits as she realized she fell for a classic harry houdini!!
by White Pony July 21, 2004
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When receiving a blow job you pretend to be in pain, and while in pain the person giving the blow job stops blowing. When this happens you sploosh on their face.
One Girl: Wow I cannot believe that he splooshed on my face when I was giving him head.

Another Girl: Oh, you mean a Harry Houdini sploosh.
by Jack Kurtz August 7, 2008
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