The hand gesture made by "metal heads" when hearing music they like. Made by holding the middle and ring finger down with the thumb while holding pointer finger and pinky strait. (Unfortunately) Picked up by lots of music genres, now not taken as seriously for that reason.
by Mary Margaret June 23, 2005
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A fingering technique that involves the crossing of the index and middle finger and the ring and pinky finger. The former pair is inserted into the vagina, while the latter is pushed into the ass-hole. Only use for intense pleasure of the female.
Tina: George gave me the Devil's Horns last night.
Steph: Is that your first time?
Tina: Yes, and it was Amazing!
Steph: Ugh I'm so jealous.
by techmaster February 20, 2012
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When you rub your finger in chilli peppers and finger a girl in a both holes
Omg, last night I just gave my girlfriend the devil’s Horns
by Osowilde May 19, 2018
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a short penis bending outwards resembling the horn on a devils head
ryan:i soo wanna put my devils horn in your black hole
by fritzylenoard July 12, 2010
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Using the inverted or upside down devil's horns has 2 meanings. Most often seen at Goth and Industrial shows or in Gothic night clubs, it is used as it resembles Vampire fangs and to say "metal sucks". Both relaying to those around you that you simultaneously support the Goth scene (though most Goths detest the Vampire scene, the gesture is used tongue in cheek) and condemn the metal scene, or those who confuse the two. It began as a backlash against new comers to the Goth scene (or neos) who don't understand that Goth exists not as a compliment to the metal scene, but as it's antithesis.
Wow, man. That scary guy looked at my Manson shirt and gave me the inverted devil's horns like he was irritated. I don't get it.
by MkMrcr March 16, 2010
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