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the broh can be defined in many ways because the broh is in some ways "ubiquotious." I think of the broh as the answer to all questions... I think of the broh any time when i find myself confused. And most importantly i think of the broh any time i need to burn (this occurs quite often). Now i am mad zooted, and when im zooted i know the broh is. YOU KNOW THE BROH IS DTB AND DTF on the daily so dont even ask. YOU MUST GO TO IU TO BE QUALIFIED AS BROH WORTHY. REP UR HOOD!
ockh!?? Where u at, u know ur boi needs to burn

Im mad horny laying in bed, should i jerk it or go to bed, what would the broh
"The broh would get his meat wet"

Yo i need to talk to the broh, my blood THC level is low.
by The broh's boi April 04, 2008
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The Broh is a movement. It's a state of being. To be the broh you must push your body and mind to the limit. You think you get zooted? The broh takes 10 lines of yak, a couple of xany's, 10 brews, and burns the blunt to get to his normal state of zootedness, so next time you think your relatively fucked up, just imagine what the Broh is going through. To be the Broh you must NOT remember 3/4th's of your life!
sum kid: "Yoooo im so fucked up right now, i think im gonna die!"
The Broh: "Get up you pussy, and snort these lines with me"

The Broh
by THE BROH"S BOY April 12, 2008
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