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A very effective way to pick up the ladies, most oftenly used in college. This is how you do it:
1) Become the world's greatest beirut player, or at least practice until you're good.
2) Befriend another guy who's also skilled at the game and make him your beirut partner.
3) Attend a big beirut game and show off your skills as you run the table.
4) Challenge the hottest team of girls in the place to a game.
5) Decide amongst yourselves which girl is for which guy.
6) Annihilate the girls in a game of beirut, but compliment them on their skills or lack thereof.
7) Attempt to "make it more even" by switching teams so each of you has the girl you picked earlier on your team.
8) Play the game. The girls will be uncontrollably attracted to you due to your skills. Flirt with the girl as you both get drunker and drunker.
9) Decide eventually that it is time to stop playing. At this point the four of you head somewhere to "talk", "watch TV", etc.
10) One of you starts hooking up with your girl, and the other tells his girl "let's get out of here". The two of them leave.
11a) If you are the guy who stays, beat it up.
11b) If you are the guy who leaves, get the girl to your room. Try telling her that you have something you want to show her (your beer case wallpaper, your awesome neon sign, your penis, etc.). Take her up there and chuck it in her.
Simon: "Last night at the strip club was awesome! I got a $10 lapdance. What did you do."
Tom: "Me and Vinny pulled the old beirut trick again. Couple of Theta girls this time."
Simon: "So did you slip her the sausage?"
Tom: "You know it. Giggidy giggidy!"
by Nick D July 12, 2004
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