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when a man is getting head from his bitch. then once he blows his load in her mouth he hits the back of her head and it blows out of her nose.
"jonny pulled off the angry dragon on little jenny when she was done giving him head. she had his load coming out of his nose, and a bruise on her head."
by andreaeaea July 10, 2006
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when you bitch is giving you head, slam the back of her head into you so her eyes get red, (the angry part), then shoot your load up her nose, so the cum runs down her nose and it looks the the mustache of a dragon.
I tricked my bitch into giving me the angry dragon last night. Fuck, it was AWSOME!
by Athene The 1337 King April 22, 2008
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when you cum in a girls mouth and she sneezes and it comes out her nose.
colin lemaire likes it when he gets the angry dragon by his uncle.
by Colin Marie September 18, 2018
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