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The death pout is the equivalent to the art of mooching.
Usually, the death pout is used to get what one wants.
It starts with seductive behavior. If it fails, it leads to abusive behavior. At last, when all has failed, the death pout proceeds.
Also known as the "poka-fayce".
The death pout is most famous among the female race, when trying to persuade another female or male to share their food. Also to persuade them to have sex, or to buy them caffeinated beverages.
The death pout typically does NOT work.
Chick 1: -walks up with starbucks-
Chick 1: NO. I bought it, go get your own!
Chick 2: -moans, tries to seduce chick 1 out of her coffee-
Chick 1: -stares- It's not working.
Chick 2: DAMN! -lunges for coffee-
Chick 1: NOOOO! -pushes chick 2 away-
Chick 2: -DEATH POUT-
Chick 1: .... Oh. -flees the scene-
Another tale of a failed death pout.
The death pout will never die!
by Starbucks Lesbo. February 24, 2011
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