im not helping you if you dont know your dumb.
the way you dont know how to use the is like this. i dont know how u make 5678594057845709 sentences without using the in one them.
by sassyz cookiez January 27, 2021
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A word used to describe one less popular to the common eye. Thes is derived from the word thespian. This word is not a compliment in any way shape or form, it is very derogatory and hurtful. Thes is a synonym for loser, dweeb, fag, terd, peckerwood, tool, squeak. A Thes is not to be trusted, is known for cheating on women, a druggie usually, a coke head, not reliable, a stain on societys underbabes (see underbabes). Thes's can also be described as mooches, and wannabees. They are commonly partaking in plays, dances, and more thespian like activities.
Dan is a real thes, I think i even saw him tapdancing. What a loser.

Yeah, last weekend he did some coke and then got with an ugly girl. Pathetic!! Plus I am missing two dollars, hes a real shadeball.
by Tonizzzle March 3, 2008
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idk its just a shit word to describe things that have no meaning
Cyndi: The girl is shopping
Martha: Look at all the shits I don't give! They're just falling out of the sky!

Cyndi: The girl is shopping
Paul: Oh , is that a shit I give? Oh, never mind, gone now.
by bobmarshal111 September 10, 2019
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