A person representing to make peace and not war.
Hippie: Make peace, not war v(^_____^)v
Terrorist: O_o no?
by N00b_Keeler November 1, 2009
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That's Dr. Zoidberg!!!
My favourite futurama character is Dr. Zoidberg, when he says
(V)(;,,;)(V) <blwblwbwlwblwwblw)
by Succhiateste July 10, 2008
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Looking for a new emoticon? Why not Zoidberg?
by Hubert J. Farnsworth III September 23, 2011
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pronounced "vee-vee"; an abbreviation for "very, very"
- did you see the show last night?
- yes, it was v v good!!
by cucusa July 23, 2008
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