Its when your having sex doggy style and just before you bust your load, you pull out and rip her ass hairs off of her balloon knot with your fingers like if they where weeds.
the Gardner teaches girls to shave the asshole.
by Hectizzle May 18, 2007
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"dude that was a serious Gardner move, that was sick!"

"oh my Gardner"
by Dumfukjuice May 12, 2019
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A boring town located in Worcester County MA that is being slowly taken over by Puerto Rican gangsters. It consists of chinese restaurants and pizza places. The only thing ever to do is to go to the movies or hang out at the Timpany Plaza. Your only other choice of things to do is walk around and write your name on things. Maybe if you have a ride, you can drive to Leominster and go to The Mall At Whitney Field.
We should go see a movie tonight in Gardner, hopefully we won't get jumped by the Hooligans or the Bloods.
by yayy gardner July 10, 2008
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A smal town located in central Massachusetts witch consists of 20 Dunkin Donuts, a bunch of hookers, crackheads and drunks. The only thing to do is help the Puerto Rican next door fix his car
Hey buddy. Gardner?
by Gardner facts January 5, 2019
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A very poor whipped tennage male who is blindly in love with a girl who is not right for him.
hey Mr. Gardner, you`re really changing because of this one.
Gardner: she means a lot to me and i`m never going to leave her or cheat.
by dickbuttkiss February 13, 2014
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Simply put, a Gardner is when a man hooks up with a girl who weighs more than he does.
Man, my friend Brett is always pulling Gardners every weekends.
by Mackenzie Howell October 21, 2006
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A sex term referring to an individual who is pleasuring a females vagina with his tongue when he accidentally begins to lick the females anus.
Wow, Bryan you were a gardner today, I kind of liked it.
by Gskaff October 27, 2007
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