The saddest yet cutest Disney movie, revolving around a hound pup and fox kit that become friends despite the fact that they're natural enemies. It reminds us of how uninspired Disney has become in these times.
Daughter: Daddy, I just saw Moana today and it was like the bestest movie ever.

Dad: Naw, Moana ain't got shit on The Fox and the Hound honey.
by AllTheNamesHaveBeenTaken April 17, 2017
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ancient sport esp. around Quorn.
Somewhat controversial among the wet set.
alt. a night of frolicking with ladies (foxes) and gentlemen (hounds)
We stopped in at Lady Chatterley's to ride in the Fox and Hounds.
Catherine invited me to dress up in my riding costume for an evening frolic of Fox and Hounds. She said she loved a man with a riding crop. Imagine her outfit!
by adam_before_eve April 17, 2006
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Fox Hound is the most 31337 cs clan. Originally from Metal Gear Solid as a special forces group. It was latered turned into an amazing cs clan by .:FH:. Murderotica
Ohhh woooow i just got pwned by fox hound!
by murderotica April 3, 2005
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When a bar pours 12 ounce beer in a 14 ounce cup to cut costs
look at this fox n hound pour my glass is only half full
by jb2214 November 1, 2009
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