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the first IB school in the country, gained a poor reputation due to its policy of accepting students who had been kicked out of their previous schools on short notice (an act of kindness) not only composed of kids kicked out of other schools, but in fact also composed of an array of international students and boasts one of the most diverse student communities of most upper east/west side private schools. Also boasts a good athletic program.
The IB program is the most rigorous, recognized, and admired educational program in the world (by FAR more rigorous then the SATs) and seeing as The Dwight School was the first of its kind in the United States if we are dumb white kids getting high together i can only imagine how smart kids from other schools are
by Samnit3 November 28, 2007
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1. an elite co-ed private school located on upper west side
2. all students attending there were either kicked out of their previous school, weren't accepted anywhere else, or else there would be no reason to go there.
3. knownfor the students' stupidity world-wide. We know this for a fact because Paris hilton attended this school after being kicked out of Sacred Heart
4. stands for;
gossip girl: so where are you going for high school?
guy: oh horace-mann...
gossip girl: wow that's unbelievable! all the guys from your school are like going to legit amazing schools!!!
guy: yeah everyone except for mac hes going to the dwight school...
gossip girl: oh well that makes sense cuz he IS a dumb white idiot that likes to get high...
by McLovin'12345 September 18, 2007
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