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An upper-west side private school, with really great sports teams, and okay arts programs, and a bunch of great teachers. It can seem like everyone is cliquey, over-privileged white kids with too much money, and too willing to get high, but underneath most of the kids are legit and bitches are pretty limited. Campus is awkward, dress code is stupidest ever, and assembly's are the fucking annoying, but other than that it's a pretty down school, I'd reccomend going, if not just to see their B-Ball games
Person 1: The fuck, look at Dwight School NYC, all those rich white kids, jeez why do they all have ties and circle scarves?
Person 2: But they kicked ass in their game yesterday, and they know where to get the good stuff
Person 1: Ahight, no big
by NYCundercover January 01, 2013
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