i love the calling. they are the best band on this planet. theyre amazing live and Alex Band is so hot. his voice is like... :O
the calling are the sex xx.

when your hope is lost and you can take it
by Teh KAT March 9, 2005
A swedish name finnish in origin.

Its a name common among males but has also been used by females.
In the twentyfirst century the name has increased in popularity among homosexuals.
"Hey Calle, how are you doing today?"
by DUDAU May 24, 2017
A Calle is when you have so much sex with someone from your class, that it gets extremely awkward, and you have to change school.
by Definitely not Axel October 7, 2015
The Call usually comes around 9am on Friday, or an hour or so before your shift starts. Most commonly you get The Call when you're working for a temp agency, but sometimes with call centers. Temp agencies and call centers are notorious for firing employees with a telephone call, and they usually do it on Friday because statistics have shown that fewer people go postal when they're fired on a Friday.
"Hello, this is blah blah with blah blah staffing. We're calling to inform you that your contract with Foo Inc has been terminated. Do not return to Foo Inc, we will arrange for your posessions to be picked up at our office."
by Spirit Bear October 28, 2004
Colloquial term for a period of time, usually after an entire day's work, when one must remain on the job. Can extend from hours to an overnight stay.

See also on call.
Medical Student 1: There's a comet that only passes Earth once every quintillion years and they're marking it with a fireworks display, free liquor and street parties! You in?

Medical Student 2: Nah dawg...I have call tonight.
When you know your gonna have randy crap.
O shit, the trains gonna leave the station, this is the call, I better head to the john.
by davidbrookstone August 9, 2005
To be in a meeting whilst signed into MSN messenger.
'In a call' is an away status used on MSN messenger.
"I'm going to my meeting, brb"
*Sets away status to 'In a Call'*
by Smithy1234 January 10, 2008