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THE way of a True Gangsta... A Person whose persaverence under pressure should be idolized... Certain beliefs in wich a REAL human being stands up for what they belive in EVERYDAY... The Way of the True Gangster
Example,(of true gangster) you an one of your friends are selling dope. You both wind up making large scales of money, and in the process YOU do sonthing stupid, or just something that can only be described as "SHIT HAPPENS" an when took to jail and questioned for leads, or if they offer you a deal to rat out your partner an his bigger share of assets and you are promised freedom in return... The G Way to go about that situation, would be to simply accept DEATH before DIS- HONER, an spitting in thier facesfor even asking you such a thing, as reffering to them as lower class.. The Bitch, or Hoe, or Cowardly way outta this situation would result in the exact oppisite, being called "The Hoe Way"...
by Jus That Fuckin Nigga June 17, 2008
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