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A town in located in Atlantic County in southern New Jersey. It is the largest municipality in the State of New Jersey by total area. Galloway is home to Stockton College and during the school year, the students go into town and create mayhem at the bars in town. Absegami is the high school in town and is nothing but a shithole filled with incompetant losers. Galloway is also home to some of the worst girls known who chase after every guy they can get just so they can look good when they really look like nothing but horrible sluts. The cops in Galloway are outrageous losers, as they will pull you over just for driving past them and drag things way out of porportion and if you are black, they will likely arrest you. Town council is filled with individuals who have either been arrested or been sued. Overall, Galloway Township is the most chaotic place in south jersey and its status as having the largest total area in New Jersey always makes it no problem accomodating that.
Where did those slutty girls come from? Oh they came from Galloway Township.

Why is Galloway Township always chaotic? Because of those losers that attend Stockton College.
by bostonfan1993 September 26, 2012
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