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the most amazing drink you could get in the Sahara desert, when one is thirsty for 4 weeks.
when you drink a Thalita it is a feeling of completeness of a waterfall falling and stepping into a pile of hot mud, and then rolling in jello while climaxing, and surrounded with rainbow clouds dancing inside your eye lids with chocolate pouring out of your belly button.
by boobiemcgee February 05, 2010
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A gorgeous female whom no man could resist. Don’t ask about being fat, as she’s one hell of a sporty girl. Dare to fight her? You don’t know what’s coming next in your life.

Sleeping, Eating, Reading, Watching and Excercise are her main agenda for the day. Although she might be bitchy sometimes, she’ll always be there whenever and wherever you are. She loves music although her talent is not there. She barely sings, and if she would, she sang it in a deep voice trying to hide her deep voice.
Thalita is one of a kind and if u ever met one, be sure to keep her like how u would treat a pillow :D
My lil sister, Thalita is a bitj
by EMBI November 12, 2018
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