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Thaila is a kind, warm, shy, funny, and caring big sister to me. She can be the kindest person in the just DON'T get her mad. She is also super sensitive but doesn't like to show it but then later when no one is around she let's it out by crying same thing with anger but she let's it out on the person closest to her at the time.
Thaila: Hey mia did you steal my candy.mia: Um........No. thaila: You lier get over here. Mia: AAAAAHHHHH mom help.Mom: No thanks I don't want to be dragged into this one.
by Mimi2211 March 30, 2017
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Urdu/Hindi. A singular word used for a bag. Used for cloth, paper or plastic bags in any size. Plural would be thailee.
Ali used the paper thaila to carry his toys to school.
by Wajhaj September 26, 2009
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