tfw no gf is a statement of sorrow. A statement of utter companionlessness.

These exceptionally powerful and pungent 7 letters describe one of the worst feels to mankind; the feeling of having no gf.

People who can describe feels they are feeling with this almost undeserving abbreviation for unbelievable loneliness could turn the most peaceful and rational thinkers insane if those people just spent one hour in the mind of a person suffering from tfw no gf.

tfw no gf is the worst feel to mankind. Knowing you are unwanted by the opposite gender, being (in terms of the survival of mankind) useless, utter desperation, being sexual oppressed and the crippling loneliness makes this feel the worst feel known. Long term exposure to this feel can leave you as a wizard virgin.
The first known recorded incident of this feel was documented in the early 1900's:

Dave: Hi Jack! How are you? It's such a lovely day today, isn't it?

Jack: Pleasure to see you again, old fellow. It is a fantastic day today- wonderful for a seaside trip and all. I am well.

Dave: Indeed; I just got back from the seaside in my new ford model -T with my gf.

Jack: ..... >tfw no gf.

Dave: I am so sorry, Jack. I forgot about the incident.

It is reported Jack turned completely white at this point.
Jack was never seen again

liek dis if u cri eyrrtyim ;_;
by Anonymous8223 August 11, 2012
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person 1 : guess what
person 2 : what
person 1 : tfw gf :)
by gta3toilets March 1, 2017
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When you cant relate to having a goth gf
tfw no goth gf
by 2disreal August 31, 2017
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