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To recieve so many texts that your inbox is filled and you need to delete messages just to recieve even more messages that in turn instantly fill your inbox the second old messages are deleted. All from the same person, usually taking place within a matter of a few minutes.
person one: hey wats up?!
person one: ...
person one: ...
person one: WHY DONT YOU ANSWER?!
person one: ...!!!
person one: do you hate me now?
person one: why are you ignoring meeeeee?!
person one: im sooo boredd.
person one: talllkkkk to meee
person one: why must you not talk to meee
person one: is it because im fat?
person one: all i've had to eat today was a tic-tac, im losing weight i promise
person one: ...
person one: what are you doin?
person one: are you there?
person one: are you even listening to me?
(all within the space of about 5 minutes)

person two: awww comee onnnnnn
<deletes entire inbox>

person one: (similar reapeats self word for word with a few more "..." texts, some creativly using exlcamation marks throughout)


(this is when you know you have been textually nuked)
by Cej Alls March 04, 2009
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