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Noun, referring to the presence or absence of balls needed to text a girl.
Lance: Man, I really want to text Vanessa but I'm kind of scared.
Blake: Come on, dude, grow some texticles.
by chickenstryps June 18, 2009
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When you have your phone on vibrate in your pocket and you're wearing baggy trousers so when you get a text it tickles your nuts.
i was sitting in class the other day when i got a texticle
by Spong a Mong March 31, 2006
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What some folk have that makes them think they can talk big to others from behind a keyboard on their faggoty little iPhone.

Typically found on internet forums, where the above dwell like light-hating troglodytes waiting to spring upon and shred anything regardless of its validity or reason.
New guy to game: I have a question about this quest objective, I can't seem to unlock it.

D00d with texticles: lololol L2P newb! Don't make come over and fuck you in the ear!!!!11!!1

NGTG: Really? I just asked a simple question, that's not necessary.

D00D: GFYS!!1 Go DIAF nub! I'll come to your work and piss on your desk and rape your cat!11!!! LAWLZ!!!!11!

Other guy in forum: Ignore him, new guy, he found an exploit and has been griefing everyone. I think his texticles just dropped the ther day and he thinks he's hot shit.

D00D: muthafucka i am 6'10 320 pouns jujitzu and mooey tie 8 dan streetfighter i will pwn u irl an u lucky i canno leave the st8 becuz im on paroll for killing tre fools that talk shit to me.
by Letsbreakit August 04, 2009
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Lacking the balls to talk to someone face to face, only showing bravery via text messages
"Did you hear Joe dumped his woman by text the other day?"

"Yea, he has a huge set of texticles"
by Fonda Peters October 31, 2007
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When you can say anything via text messaging that you can't say outloud or to another person
"That bastard had the texticles to break up with me instead of saying it to my face!"
by Silverflayme January 10, 2010
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The metaphorical "Balls" a person needs to send the initial text to another person they have interest in. This is a slang term, usually oriented around the lack of fortitude they have to attempt this. Usually, it will be try to be exempted by excuses like, "They are busy, they don't have time to text me back." or, " I'm not sure if I should, I mean, what if they're seeing someone else?" but CAN be over came will encouragement from peers.
Person 1: "I really want to text Caitlin... but I don't even really know her..."
Person 2: "And you never will if you don't try. Grow some texticles, and send her a message."
Person 1: "Well, I guess I should just send her a quick note."
by TheIckyStickie December 31, 2012
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An addict of text-messaging who will shuck all personal and professional obligations to answer some urgent piffle like, 'wassuh;' one so twisted into the world of texting that he or she has socially become akin to a testicular torsion
"So there I am, on my knees - I mean, the tears were in her eyes and shit - and right when I go to propose," Jason said bitterly, "she gets a fucking text message from Jenna about a shoe sale at Marshall's."
Chris gulped. "She didn't answer, did she?"
Jason shook his head yes. "Didn't matter, bro. I took the ring back to Zales and got some mad pussy instead."
Chris grinned. "Seems to me like all texticles come in pairs. If you ain't one of them, just get the fuck out of there. That's what my mother did."
by Lorenz Zingiber July 22, 2007
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