The awkward texting relationship that follows a one night stand, when one party is looking for a relationship but the other clearly is not.
1) Audrey had a one night stand with that guy last night now she's in some weird ass textationship.
2) When Mitch had sexual intercourse with the chick from the party he accidentally gave the woman his number before he left the next day, now she's texting him wanting to hang out.
by Dee0506 September 16, 2013
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When two people text endlessly, but neither make the effort to see or speak to eachother IRL.
John is deep in the friendzone with Hazel, they only speak over text so will never amount to a real relationship, just there own pointless textationship.
by MoeLeicester September 30, 2015
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a relationship in which the participants only text and are never seen speaking face to face
Jerry and Bella's relationship had turned into a textationship.
by awkwardhumansclub January 05, 2017
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