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An accident caused by someone writing a text message on his/her mobile phone.
He was writing a text message on his mobile phone while he was crossing the street. He never saw the car. It was a texident.
by widggman September 24, 2008
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A resident of Texas. Usually known to be a cowboy/cowgirl, have unusual accents, use the term 'Use'ta' 'Goin'ta' 'Fixin'ta' and 'Yall'.

On rare occasions may become president.

Do not support gay peoples, and are known to have mass genocides for this type of people.
George is a bad Texident. If I have to hear his horrific accent one more time....I will move to New Jersey!

Kids, this is about the idiot Texident who became President, by a horrible act of fate.
by Stetson June 17, 2008
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The accident of sending the wrong text to the wrong person.
I just got in a texident! I meant to send Sarah a message telling her Lisa was a fat cunt, but I accidentally sent it to Lisa instead!
by Jenny B The Shizz August 14, 2008
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