A really sexy, funny, smart girl that every guy wants.

Those hot chicks you see online and in magazines that will never pose for porn.

A girl who knows she's wanted... but just wants to play with the guy's head.

Somebody with a particularly disturbing sexual preference or straying abnormally far from the norm.
Every guy wish he could have a tetty.
by peoplewhoknow April 22, 2010
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tetties are a welsh cuisine originating in connahs quay, which is basically avocado meatballs
haha, i just ordered tetties on justeat
by Finn Parker January 19, 2021
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when ones internet connection is absoute shite causing rage throughout the team on xberx (otherwise known as xbox)
OMG! Your tetty internet is so bad bro!
by xberxgod April 25, 2018
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Tetty is the most sexiest person on this planet, however his entire taste for everything is extremely MID.
"yeah that guy Tetty Liu, Hes so Sexy <3"
by Tettyspersonalcockmuncher December 14, 2021
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