A regular polyhedron consisting of four triangular sides
The die that the DM was rolling was shaped like a tetrahedron
by 2^63-1 May 30, 2015
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Similar to a love triangle, a love tetrahedron is a messy situation where four individual are involved in lies, machinations, and deceipt as a result of love or lust - ultimately ruining friendships and/or changing living arrangements.
1. Paul, Paul's roommate, Bob, Bob's girlfriend Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's best-friend, Sheryl where involved in a love tetrahedron. Bob was asked to move out of Paul's pad.
by Chaz The Gaz June 12, 2006
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When someone thinks tetrahedrons are superior to cubes and spheres
Person 1: Cube Gang or Sphere Gang

Person 2: Tetrahedron Gang

Person 1: I haven't seen one who does Tetrahedron Gang, I plead, forgive me for disrespecting Tetrahedrons
by Kiwi - The Superior Species November 24, 2020
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