Look!Her tetek are big like melons.
by Jusoh Al-Bawah September 12, 2003
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Tetek is one of the highest demand fruit in the world especially in Malaysia. This fruit can be eaten but it is unlimited, while the taste is really good!
Person 1: What is your favourite fruit?
Person 2: OMG I LOVE TETEK!!
by Penceramah Bebas September 4, 2019
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When you bodoh and jealous, you quote retweet saying something really stupid to someone actually stating facts
Eren on twitter: damn, im so hot
Jamban’s qrt: no youre not you ugly mf

Armin: look, Jamban’s tetek quotting again.

Eren: haha let him be.
by eren oppa nomu sexy January 12, 2021
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