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To be bested by someone more manly than oneself.
Hilary Clinton is going to get testosterowned by Barack Obama in the upcoming election.
by Scarlett Brohanson September 20, 2007
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1. When an adult male is controlled by adolescent or teenage motives rather than reacting as an adult.

2. An adult male given to doing things his friends think he should do and not what he knows he should do for fear of being shunned or clowned.
3. The desire to ride a motorcycle becuase it is "cool", generally given to plastic fairings or excess chrome, but not actually displaying the disipline to ride right.
Dude is 40 and still wearing his hat crooked and saggin his jeans. It is a shame is so testosterowned.

The ad listed the GXSR as "adult owned". What the fuck, no adult would own a GSXR, that shit was testosterowned.
by The Ditch of Raneman January 11, 2012
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