The four-dimensional equivalent of a cube.
A person using a tesseract in three-dimensional space would be equivalent to a person using three dimensions to move through a two-dimensional universe. The laws of physics would still apply, but only on the two-dimensional scale.
by ds_k7 April 23, 2006
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A tesseract (AKA 4-hypercube) is a shape equivalent to that of a 3D cube, but in “4D”. If you looked at a tesseract as a 3D being, it would look like a cube inside of a cube, connected by the vertices.

Currently, we are in a 3D world, as 3D beings. We travel through 3 dimensions: X (left-right), Y (up-down), Z (forward-back). A tesseract can rotate in the W dimension, which, as a 3D being, is impossible. If you look at a cube rotating in the W dimension, it looks like 8 cubes growing and shrinking. See GIF below for further detail.
Person 1: “What is that?”

Person 2: “A tesseract.” (Person 2 explains above description)
by Zyrom121 October 23, 2018
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A way to "teleport" using the 5th dimension.
I tesseracted from Mars to earth in less than 3 minutes!
by 0.0Anonymous0.0 November 25, 2018
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