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This was a song by Public Enemy on the Fear of a Black Planet CD. And also on the movie CB4. My basic understanding of this term is something that you are trapped in like a hell on earth that you can not get out of. Like a own personal hell.
Welcome to the terrordome bitch!
by Whitelesbianrapperatmyspace October 01, 2006
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It is everything and nothing. It is man and woman, animal and tree. It is a color, car, waffles, mini-taco and mathematical equations. The rhombus of the front-end of a quadratic armadillo cannot be defined as one, but as a whole half eaten mini-taco.

The Terror Dome is something to be feared, because it will fuck you up so hard, you won't even know what goddamn Terror Dome quadrant you're living in.

Fuck you.
"Oh shit, I just got cluster fucked into the Terror Dome!"

Guy: "Do elephants exist in the Terror Dome?"
Guy 2: "It depends on what color."

"The Terror Dome just busted a huge Terror Load"
by Xiade X January 12, 2008
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A large futuristic ghetto in which blacks have been forced to live against their will. Originating from the film title 'Welcome 2 the Terrordome' (1995) which concerns issues of race. Rap group Public Enemy famously titled an album after this film in 1997.
'Welcome to the terrordome.'
by suburbandan November 22, 2011
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A sexual act defined as the following:

While having sex with a woman, the man shaves the woman's head with electronic clippers, and then ejaculates on her newly shaved head.
Terry was nailin' this chick, and she kept begging for the Terror Dome. After 3 rounds, he decided "Why not?" - and gave her the Terror Dome on round 4.
by Tarik Sharif June 14, 2007
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