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An excessively happy person who doesn't give a f*ck what you think.
You should be more terah.
by Mr. farm dude December 11, 2010
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An extremely beautiful person inside and out. Always kind to everyone and is basically a perfect angel. She's a girl who eserves the best there is out there and has an awesome personality. Extremely sexy and wanted by every guy out there. Can't even go out in public without being stared at, and leaves people speechless by her jawdropping beauty. Her smile lights up a room and she is known for her adorable laugh and her good sense of humor. She has a perfect ass and is also known to be the best there is in bed!
Guy 1: "dude what are you staring at?"
Guy 2: (speechless)
Guy 1: "well whoever she was, she must have been a Terah"

"I've never had sex like that before, she was such a Terah!!!"

"That girl is beautiful, and her laugh sounds like a choir from heaven. She is obviously a Terah!"
by Ryan1233 November 05, 2011
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T'Erah is the goddess. She is a native american girl, who could be mistaken to be Pocahontas. She is a tough cookie, and may go all tribal on you. But don't worry, behind all the feircness is a gentle flower.Very beautiful indeed. She is very hard to get, especially if you are Davy Crocket, or a ginger. Just remeber one thing. You took her land. Pay her back!
A: Dude.....
B: yeah?
A: who be dat?
B: THAT GIRL!? dude.. thats the goddess....T'Erah.
by sleepingbeauty123 September 05, 2011
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pronouned: TEH-RUH

1) A colloquial term in arabic (sudanese) for 'bird', and thus associates the refered person to have a somewhat similar size brain, or lamia
2) An airhead, or someone who cannot grasp a concept, or lamia
3) Plain stupid, or lamia
4) lamia
someone: "listen Lamia, 2 plus 2 is 4...see?" (show her using finger counting)
lamia: "ok, I what's 2 plus 2 again?"
someone: "ya TERAH, I already showed you- it's 4"
by Haythem Abdelmoniem January 21, 2009
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