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An individual who is typically offended, or goes on the defensive when they find a comment or gesture to be offensive to their perspective viewpoint.
The tenderpuff evangelicals replied with an uproar when criticized for supporting the president when he had (allegedly) cornholed a pornstar and bragged about grabbing pussies and kissing women because he can.

The tenderpuff tranny freak took offense to the fact I called it a "he", rather than a "she".
by MegaSuperAwesome February 28, 2018
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One who becomes defensive and offended by something that someone of sound backbone and mind would find minimally offensive; particularly when what is said goes aginst their particular belief(s).
"Awwww the tenderpuff evangelicals are up in arms about the president coming under fire for sleeping with a pornstar."

"The tenderpuff tranny kid got offended when i called it a 'him' instead of 'her'.
by MegaSuperAwesome February 27, 2018
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