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I am from telford, and i am a girl, but i am not a telford girl. Telford girls can often be referred to as 'townies' or 'chavs' and are the scum of the earth.
They like to set fire to school toilets, and have their hair gelled into a ponytail so tightly that if the bobble found out the hair would still be in the same place.
"I hate those telford girls, they just burnt down the school toilets again"
by theuniqueme March 20, 2005
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Girls generally from the telford area in Shropshire who think it is acceptable to look like a man. certain aspects of these girls would include as many chunky gold earrings in one ear as it can take, large numbers of big colourful hair scrunchies tying their hair ver tight to their head. this hair will then be seen poking out of the back of a cap perching on the head at a very strange angle (usually burberry). some kind of branded polo shirt and trackie bottoms tucked into some branded socks. and to finish off this incredible look, the rockports on the feet. WOW what a look.
"look at her the hoe, shes such a telford girl." also see 'telf'
by Lousy August 29, 2003
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A girl who thinks it is her sole purpose in life to chase and beat up people commonly referred to as grebs, usually with large earrings (that have lost the parrots from them) and slicked back hair. They also tend to be fond of a lot of eye make up - mainly shiny eyeshadow.
Come to Telford and See - If you dare =)
by tickle_me May 24, 2004
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