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tele- like television, it refers to what is far away.

stolgia - taken from nostalgia, indicating the yearning for something missed.

Derived from the lack of the word in English for its German equivalent, "Fernweh", or "Fern", distant, also used in the German word for "Fernseher" (television or distance-viewer), and "Weh" which means pain in English.

So together it's "telestolgia" which signifies a yearning for that which is far away or distant from you. It could be a mere feeling of missing something far away which is not your home and that you love just as much as your home, or rather a yearning and feeling of missing things that are far from you, like the desire to get away and to travel.
from the German word "Fernweh", one would say, "Ich habe Fernweh!" So, in English one would say,

As I've been back in the States for a total of eight months now, I'm feeling strong feelings of telestolgia and desire to leave again for awhle.


I'm suffering from telestolgia, because I miss my friends overseas badly.
by Rodney Wallwork March 05, 2007
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