The made-up medical term to describe the way a teenage girl always complains about being fat or ugly. Also used as the acronym TGS. Tell a girl it's a medical condition and it's all over with. Trust me
Girl: I'm so fat and ugly. No wonder boys don't like me!
Boy: Well, for one, you're not fat. But you do have chronic and severe TGS.
Girl: TGS?
Boy: Teenage Girl Syndrome.
by Church Of Kaleb July 12, 2005
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A complete misunderstanding of the poor self image that many teenage girls have and its origins. Reffering to the tendency that many young girls have to believe they are fat, ugly or worthless ,it completely ignores the pressure placed on all women to be stereotypically beautiful and trivialises eating disorders.
Girl: I feel worthless and ugly and fat and I constantly worry about calories, I can't stand what I see in the mirror.

Boy: Lol you've got Teenage girl syndrome.
Girl: I was about to tell you that I have anorexia and depression....
by Iamhumanperson October 13, 2015
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Removing/adding vowels and constants from words while typing or SMS messaging. Other symptoms include, the frequently misspelling of words on purpose, and the overuse of acronyms.
Girl: OMG, lol ur so hawt!

Boy: You seem to be suffering from TGS.

Girl: Whutttttttt?

Boy: Teenage Girl Syndrome
by redword1314 February 07, 2010
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