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Technological Libertarian i.e. someone who believes that technological innovation and the Internet are best governed by free market principles. This use of the term is believed to be coined by the LAUNCH Conference blog team in a post on BitCoins (L019: Bitcoin P2P Currency: The Most Dangerous Project We've Ever Seen, Posted Sunday, May 15, 2011)

From the LAUNCH blog:
We made this term up to describe the “good people” of the internet who believe in the fundamental rights of individuals to be free, have free speech, fight hypocrisy and stand behind logic, technology and science over religion, political structure and tradition. These are the people who build and support things like Wikileaks, Anonymous, Linux and Wikipedia. They think that people can, and should, govern themselves. They are against external forms of control such as DRM, laws that are bought and sold by lobbyists, and religions like Scientology. They include splinter groups that enforce these ideals in the form of hacktivism, such as the takedown of the Sony Playstation Network after Sony tried to prosecute a hacker for unlocking its console.
You'd think that Bob would be in favor of Net Neutrality to help keep ISPs from creating different classes of Internet users, but he's a Technotarian so he doesn't believe that the government has a right to regulate ISPs in the first place.
by NewAlgebra May 16, 2011
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