A growing genre of music that is commonly (and wrongly) referred to as grind or grindcore.

It features fast drumming, guitar riffs that usually don't fit or make sense, and combines elements from other genres, such as rock, freeform jazz, deathcore and sometimes country/western.
Some tech metal bands:
Test Switch Isolator
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravanganza
The Number 12 Looks Like You
See You Next Tuesday.
by Beeth June 4, 2006
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A sub genre of metal, in which insturments such as synthesizers, keyboards, and turntables are used. Long song lengths and no vocals are a staple of Tech Metal. Most tech metal has slowly-paced guitar riffs paired with fast-paced drums. Having the synthesizer follow the guitar note for note is another staple of this offshoot of heavy metal.
Although few bands partake in the genre of Tech Metal, the most notable is T13, a local Edmonton band.
by Gary Manson May 28, 2006
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