Annoyed, Wound up, Bad mood, Frustrated
Used in West Cornwall
"I knew she was on the blob because she was a teasy fart this morning"

"Those stupid Noddy-car adverts make me teasy as fuck"
by Cliff Spab September 5, 2003
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Shorter, more sophisticated way of saying 'too easy'.
Jacky Legs: Hey mate, are you able to help me out with something?
Bryce: Yeah mate anything what do you need?
Jacky Legs: I just need someone to call Coles and let them know I'm sick today so I can go to piknik.
Bryce: Oh teasy mate!
by bryceybaaby March 14, 2017
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A woman/man who pretends to be easy, but whose pants are impossible to get into.
That chick at the bar was all over you, but she wouldn't let you take her home? That woman was teasy.
by JimmyHatt August 1, 2008
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Person usually a male whom another person usually a woman pretends to what to get with or date but is only being a tease hence the word is being used as the root.
Guy1:Hey Tim I heard Amber whats to get with Jake

Guy2: Nah jake is a teasie Amber did the same thing with me a month ago, she loves the attention

Guy2: Whatta bitch
by BASEDGOD626 June 20, 2011
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A spin off of tig ol' bitties, and derived from greasy ass titties.
Describing the fat greasy man-boobs on an overweight fellow.
Jim: Damnnnn look at you fatty, you're massive! You got some teasy ass gritties, they're bigger than your mom's.

Bruce: Don't make fun of me... I have a glandular problem!

Jim: Then why are you holding a bucket of KFC?
by ZmanIsTheMan October 3, 2012
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That was Teasy baby.
by Snipty April 7, 2021
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