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Annoyed, Wound up, Bad mood, Frustrated
Used in West Cornwall
"I knew she was on the blob because she was a teasy fart this morning"

"Those stupid Noddy-car adverts make me teasy as fuck"
by Cliff Spab September 05, 2003
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Shorter, more sophisticated way of saying 'too easy'.
Jacky Legs: Hey mate, are you able to help me out with something?
Bryce: Yeah mate anything what do you need?
Jacky Legs: I just need someone to call Coles and let them know I'm sick today so I can go to piknik.
Bryce: Oh teasy mate!
by bryceybaaby April 21, 2017
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A person who knows she/he is wanted... but likes playing with the other person's head

Someone who doesn't express his/her confirmed feelings openly but rather chooses to remain playful ;)
Her: I love you...

Him: I... I.. like you

Her: fuck you

Him: I was just being teasy, he he. Love you too bae
by t3chBoss August 30, 2018
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A woman/man who pretends to be easy, but whose pants are impossible to get into.
That chick at the bar was all over you, but she wouldn't let you take her home? That woman was teasy.
by JimmyHatt August 01, 2008
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