pronounced "ee-mo teerzz"

not to be confused with emo tears, which is pronounced "ee-mo teerss".

1. a sarcastic phrase used when responding to an emo kid's emoans when he/she is having an emoment.

2. a phrase an emo kid may use when responding to another emo kid's emoans. if an emo kid uses this phrase, chances are, he/she is being genuine.
*Emo Kid 1 is in the corner of the cafeteria, crying*
Normal Kid 1: What's wrong with that emo kid?
Normal Kid 2: Spilled his milk.
Normal Kid 1: Spilt milk, huh? Emo tearz.

Emo Kid 1: ...and I bleed to show the world the depth of my sadness, but alas, my blood runs unheeded.*cries*
Emo Kid 2: *sniffle* You've got me feeling emo-tions!*sniffles, then cries* OH, EMO TEARZ!!!!
by wtfcarlito February 7, 2006
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A Mix Between PCP + Meth. Looks Like Sky Blue Rock Candy. (Will Tear Ur Heart Up If You Overdose!)
Kryztal Tearz Is Hardcore Bro!
by iLoveClaud August 7, 2008
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a lit person who sucks off deegans in the locker room and suck ass at wee wee
jason is such a tearz
by pokeballsuccer69 August 13, 2017
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Person 1: I will never financially recover from this

Person 2: LOL tearz
by CCTV27 November 24, 2021
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