An intense game of truth or truth typically played with someone you are romantically or sexually interesting in to find certain information about them
Donald: hey that chick is hot I’m gonna ask her to play tea or tea and get to know her better

Raj: okay fucker, good luck with that
by Swindawg July 28, 2019
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The theme song to friends but the beat is replaced with tea
Tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea
by Dilledout March 10, 2019
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Mo tea is short for mo tea sir. This phrase started as far back as prior to the Civil War Era when African Americans primarily worked as servants. When they asked their male employers and guests if they would like to have any more tea , it came out sounding like mo tea or mo tea suh. Present day it is used as a racially insensitive reference.
The African American waitress was offended when Jim asked if he could have some mo tea

A drink called The Mo Tee was taken off of the bar's menu

mo tea mo tea mo tea
by MsGee November 28, 2013
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slowly dipping your balls in a females mouth as she gets the juicies flowing through the cock.
Dipping the (Tea Bagin) Tea bag in the cup of hot water getting the flavour of the tea flowing in to the water.
by Pritu27 June 27, 2007
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Sharing Tea with someone over a serving of hot liquid leaf juice
“We still down for Tea over tea tn?”
“Yeah we should be good to go”
by RedRabbit85 December 30, 2019
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