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When your friend is in love with a guy or girl and I their emotions are getting the best of them... Say "tbch, you're being psychotic."
by swsbotdf123 May 18, 2015
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To Be Completely Honest.

a more well-known acronym, though not a commonly used, or commonly defined one.chances are, your friend will be able to figure out what you mean, and if not... there's always Urban Dictionary. Duh. They're just stupid if they don't know what tbch means! And if you're reading this, it means that you're either bored AF or you honestly don't know what it means. Please don't be the latter

More seriously, it's fun to use this because it feels more real than tbh. tbh feels like a reluctant confession, tbch feels like you're confessing something deep and dark, and it feels more personal
Jackie: tbch u suck
Mira: yea well u do 2.

Walter: you both suck because you're both sluts and neither of you can spell
Jackie: soooo not tru!
Mira: u mean true. not true 4 me!
Walter: yeah right
by PrinceOfGreekity December 30, 2016
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