Someone who is a Great friend and knows how too kick someone .Very trust worthy and loves his friends. rarely gives up and is always very determined loves pandas nearly more than anything and wishes he could fly.

As cold hearted he may seem he is actualy sensitive and soft-hearted but dont try to bull shit him cause you will pay the price
Wow you are such a Taufiq has a Friend called haziq
Taufiq is a determine guy he try’s hard to get to an express level
by Joel pimento February 02, 2019
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A human that is a dom naai(colloquial term in Cape Town, South Africa)

definition of Dom naai:
A human that is exceptionally stupid. They're beyond help.

It might be contagious. Please stay clear from any Taufiq's

The slums of Cape Town, South Africa

Grammar concept:
Compound word

Integrated from the Afrikaans language.
You're such a Taufiq!

where's that Taufiq at?
Stop being a Taufiq.
by ThePhilosopher January 04, 2019
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