Pictures of predesigned tattoos. Usually a sheet will be about 11x14 and have around 4-7 tats on it all conforming to a generic theme (knives, roses, hearts, etc...). Usually made to be put into notebooks and whatnot for people to pick from.
RandomGuy: I wanna get inked.

TattGuy: What d'ya want?

RandomGuy: I dunno, lemme take a look at your tattoo flash.

TattGuy: aight.
by Jake August 10, 2005
pre-designed tattoo art displayed in shops to be used as idea's, or actual tattoo's for the un-original customer

generally very common tattoos
often picked as a first tattoo or by those who get their tattoo as a spur of the moment (or drunk) decision

also probably the most commonly removed or covered up tattoos

viewed as near meaningless by those whose tattoos were thought out and are original pieces of art

*no offense to any one, some people do actually have good reasons for choosing flash its just very rare.
also i have the utmost respect for those talented enough to draw flash, i just think it should be used more as inpiration rather than an actual tattoo
guy who wants a tattoo to look cool: "hey dude, i'm lookin for a tattoo, how bout one exactly like that tribal tiger tattoo flash on the wall... it doesnt have to be original or meaningfull... its only gonna be there forever..."
by Aubrie June 6, 2007