Baddest bitch,best girlfriend to have . Trustworthy,pretty , blunt,can be rude sometimes, thick ,Beautiful, typically lightskin or light brown, loyal, a fighter, intellegent
Tarjai is one of da baddest females on earth
by Tooka pac December 31, 2021
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The alternative pronunciation of the big-box store Target.

Calling "Target" by the moniker "Tarjay" aims to make the shopping experience seem more upscale than it really is.

If you are always shopping at the big-box store, you may be stigmatized by your friends who shop at Whole Foods or at a mom and pop store.

To prevent this, all you need to do is make the name of the big-box store sound more sophisticated and upscale.

It adds a seemingly French sound to the name, and that sounds impressive, or even extraordinary
Ann: Did you buy that button down shirt from the local store in town?
Bruno: No, I bought it from tarjay...oh-la-la
Ann: Oh, you mean Target?
Bruno: Yeah, but calling it Tarjay sounds fancier, and conceals the fact that i am cheap.
by g-diggity April 22, 2008
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comical pronunciation for Target, "the fine french import store"
tarjay strives to be as inexpensive as walmart is cheap
by ranktude November 28, 2012
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