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Bully: Hey tard face

Kid: What does that even mean?
Bully: It doesn't matter what it means. That's what
Kid: What?
Bully: What? Huh? You wanna talk back to me
by Unknown123456789jhsgzs December 01, 2017
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Loser guys who won't tell a girl he likes her, even though he acts like he does.
He tells me I'd look hot in tight jeans and he will take me all the way home to Chatswood, but that tardface won't tell me whether or not he likes me.
by desperatefriendsclub March 23, 2005
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A name for someone who looks retarded.
Whoa that chick was such a tard face - he looked like Special Edd! I think her name was Carey - what a tardo name.
by James D. Farless March 16, 2007
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n. a person with a face easily associated with retardation, such as the common deformaties of Downs syndrome.

v. to mangle someone's face in such a way that they look like a retard.
You tardface, your only chances for dating are with the blind.

I'm going to tardface you if you don't shut your hole.
by Twilight Veil March 16, 2004
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1. To be so rediculously ugly your face looks like shit. To have rediculously bad breath.

2. To be similar to Amy Winehouse
Alex: You should tap that Andina

Andy: Who the "Tard Face"

Alex: Yea thats all you

Andy: Pssh I wouldn"t touch that with a 10 foot pole

Alex: Yea your right. she wouldn't let you butt nugget
by Lunchtime Boyz January 22, 2010
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