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a bruise-rash combo on your johnson caused by slaming your penis in a rusty door hinge
Damn, that bitch shut the door and his junk was all tamry and crap!
by lorp December 06, 2008
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A big headed gremlin who enjoys spending time with her friends. She has this motherly instinct about the people she cares about. She can do so many amazing things. Tamry is a cutie pie. She is my strawberry-flamingo-salmon girl. Tamry is an amazing artist and singer. She sounds like a Disney princess. Tamry is the daughter/son of Piccolo from the Dragon-Ball franchise. She loves scarves. She is also known as "I'll eat your hands". She can do so many derpy things :3. She eats ice cream even if she cant handle milk. At times she can be cold, but Tamry can be caring, and dependable. She likes to text ":,)" when talking sometimes. She hates french, especially online french classes. Tamry will not always be there, but she will always be in your heart.
Hey Tamry, I know you told me to not check your name on urban dictionary... Well i did, sorry if you don't want this here, but i must give you a better definition. Thank you for all the good times, even though it all it has changed. I hope everything ends up well, take care. Maybe now you can live your dream with the apartment and cat. Love you!
-Your Sunshine Child, Aka Squishy Boy
by Yoinked June 01, 2018
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