Emily L (@emilylorencee on insta) & Chloe W. (@willychlo on insta) Straight BADDIES. Always looking fire. 10/10 would bang. *insert drooling emoji*
Chad: broski who are those girls??
Brad: brotatoe chip that the tall girls. they're fricking icons.
Chad: hahaha sick.
by willychlo March 25, 2019
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A 6 pack of 16oz. cans of beer
Hey man what do you say we go get some tall girls and get fucked up?
That sounds good to me man.
by congolia muckenfuss November 05, 2007
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Say it with a straight face to a black woman, survivor of the holocaust, and has stage four cancer - "You think your life is hard? I'm wearing size thirteen nikes... MENS size thirteen nikes. BEAT THAT!"
Tall Girl... *silence*
by Blacear February 03, 2020
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When a girl wears size 13 Nike’s in MENS AND is 6’1 and A HALF she is VERY gross!!
Make sure you ask her how the weather is up there, EVERY 5 MINUTES!!
No one:

Literally no one at all:

Tall girl: I’m 61 1/2 and I wear size 13 Nike’s,IN MENS. BEAT THAT!!

Mostly brags about being tall even tho she gets “bullied” for it. And she loves to bring up the fact that she wears size 13 Nikes in men’s
by I only clap berthas cheeks September 25, 2019
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A girl's insecurity based on her above average height.
"How tall are you?" Asks every person ever.... "You are not allowed to wear heels!"...say the douches. "You look like a volleyball player"...say the people who are actually pretty on point. I might have a tall girl complex??
by herro prease unrucky January 10, 2015
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when a tall girl walks awkwardly or with bad posture by slouching or bending their legs extra to seem shorter or not look as tall.
damn, mikaila you have tall girl walk, we all know your tall you don’t need to slouch.
by Jacobhater March 20, 2019
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