Adnoun. A being bearing the title Jaden Smith who enjoys wealth and notoriety gained through no contribution of his own whatsoever. He will be the defining reason that Millenials will soon be broken down into separate subgroups so that people born in the late 80s/early 90s dont have to bear the shame of being generationally associated with something so worthless...and loud.
"+We ran out of clay pigeons to shoot, does that mean its time to head home?

-We dont have to! I found a whole shipping container full of Jaden smith albums slated for incineration and thought we could recycle them by shooting them with shotguns and in turn make the world a better place

+Great idea! That kid is a Talentless Ass Clown for sure, if my wife gave birth to him id sterilize both of us.
by Normalcy unhinged July 14, 2019
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