The meaning of this word it's to get lost.
You're buging me man,take a hike.
by BlackPohatu October 8, 2016
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hit the fucking road, get out of here, leave, be gone forever
i told that mother fucker to take a hike
by sloner June 27, 2007
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Polite version of GTFO. Used to say someone to beat the outtahere. It's mostly used to tell someone that an affair or crush is over.
it has been good gal, but now let's take a hike mike.
by fmattos February 16, 2016
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When mike pisses you off to much, you just have to tell him to leave - derived from take a swim Pim. Is multi-functional, can be used to tell anybody seriously or affectionately to fuck right off.
Person 1 - Isnt it time to go home ben? You've had 10 pints.

Person 2 - Take a hike mike, im in this for the whitey.
by mikethehiker February 21, 2017
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