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Excitement when one's taint is caressed; usually by a tongue. The taint - 'taint her pussy nor her ass' - is a sensitive area between a woman's anus and pussy which becomes more and more sexually sensitive as the oils from her vagina are mixed with warm saliva from a teasing tongue. At some point this feeling - specifically related to this pleasure - may be called 'taintillation.'
Beth: "How did you find...ohhhHHHHhh...that spot....OOOOO...yes....MMmmmmmmm."

Max: "Its not hard when you know where to lick baby...How is that for taintillation."

The above example is one which could suddenly end the girl's taintillation because the man used the term while doing the act. This is a no-no for this word. Using words like "baby" and "taintillation" while engaging in sexual activities is a sure way to have woman turn over and leave.

Use taintillation in a jovial sense if you are detailing your pleasurable experience to an interested buddy (hard to find because no normal guy really wants to hear details or your load-blowing escapades)

Max: "...and after I finished that, I started on her taint. Wasn't long before she was writhing in..taintillation my man!"

Scott: "Sounds great..uh, could you get me that wrench over there, and a coffee...double double please."
by psiscott2000 April 12, 2006
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