Doing graffiti on walls of other people's premises.
Ex: Justin Bieber is under police investigation in Rio for allegedlly tagging walls.
by bigguy2013 November 6, 2013
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An Extremely Racist Term Used To Describe
Dirty No Good Dark-Colored People Who

Tag On Walls.
WHITE COP 1: OH well looki hea,
we got ourselves a no good nigguh

spray-canning our walls with his gang signs.
WHITE COP 2: Oh dang hes a scary one,
lets hurry and arrest this wall tagging gorrilla
before he goes on a rampage and starts
attacking everyone. gorilla
by Sgt.Mason December 11, 2010
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when you write on some ones facebook wall and they reply while your still on facebook so you reply back and forth until there is nothing left to say
i couldnt get off facebook last night i kept getting wall taged
by Mr.Ham May 6, 2010
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