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The term used to describe a sexually attractive (but underage) teenager. It derives from the practice of tagging wildlife. The understanding is that the stud is out of bounds at his current age, but that you'll be back to claim him when he's legal.

First defined in a Dan Savage column on 24 Nov 04.
#1: Damn, check out that hottie over there!
#2: Yeah, he's hott, but he's only 15.
#1: Tag and release that stud!
by The Grammar Nazi July 21, 2005
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the process of sexing up a hottie then fleeing the scene never to be heard from again
distinguish from "a keeper"
Dudely dude: dude who was the hottie i saw you with last night?
Duder: oh dude that was shirley. bitch put the pussy on me last night
Dudely dude: keeper?
Duder: negative. tag and release.
Dudely dude: excellant
by drpoonandtheteenangels June 28, 2009
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